Starbucks for Life

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of 2018, the company operates 28,000+ locations worldwide. Starbucks is considered the main representative of “second wave coffee”, initially distinguishing itself from other coffee-serving venues in the US by taste, quality, and customer experience while popularizing darkly roasted coffee. Since the 2000s, third wave coffee makers have targeted quality-minded coffee drinkers with hand-made coffee based on lighter roasts, while Starbucks nowadays uses automated espresso machines for efficiency and safety reasons. Starbucks for Life means the winner will receive a daily credit for 30 years for one free food or beverage item at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. Excluding the alcohol.

How to play Starbucks for life

  • You have to be a Starbucks rewards member
  • Sign up by going to or via the Starbucks App
  • You earn a game play every time you make a qualifying purchase with the card that is registered to your starbucks rewards. (It’s easiest if you use the app)
  • You can earn up to two game plays a day (basically by drinking Starbucks twice a day) plus you can also earn game plays by completing challenges.
  • Collect all three pieces in a row and you can win the collect and win prizes, there are also instant win prizes of bonus stars and free holiday drinks.

Extra gameplays with Starbucks for life Challenges

  • Here are some of the challenges – This year is a different than the past years as each week Starbucks has new challenges to do each week while in previous years you had the whole holiday season to accomplish all the tasks.
  • There are 5 Starbucks for life rare game pieces that will be given out during the promotion. The estimated value of winning Starbucks for Life is $56,575.00.
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Starbucks for Life
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